Considering this ....

<i>"We have to move beyond “honoring diversity” to embrace inclusivity."</i>

.... from Sharif Abdullah's <a href="http://commonway.org/node/42">Commonway Institute philosophy</a>

Quoting further ...

<i>Inclusivity is recognizing that my life, my fate, my future is inextricably linked to yours. Building community with those who are not like “us” is the challenge of the next millennium, a challenge that is essential to our survival. With inclusivity, there is no “Other”; identifying with and connecting to “The Other” makes violence unthinkable and true community possible.</i>

I learned of Sharif and Commonway from a Keynote address aired by FreeSpeech TV, and was drawn into every moment of it. Especially I associated with the need for an overhaul of consciousness, and support for the acknowledgment that solutions cannot be devised by the minds and motives which created, or failed to avert, the problems in the first place.

.... so, how is inclusivity "beyond" the honoring of diversity? I think, and agree, that inclusivity contains more of a mandate to actually engage with others, creating more community in real experience than only in theory.

Cultures of Harmony is in full support of putting good theory into experiential reality, for the shared and common purposes of a consciousness of inclusivity.

Consider the Light

<hr>Consider the light. <br>Is it energy, or particle? <br>Is it a wave, or a beam, or a diffuse plasma? <br>It is not solid, liquid, or gas. <br>It is not mineral, plant, or animal. <br>We see by it, and it guides us. <br>Light is illumination and guidance. <br>That is what light is. <br> <br>Then consider the heat. Does it give light? <br> <br>Now consider the Love. <hr>