As a website, Cultures of Harmony provides a public collaboration space to research, evolve, and promote harmony amongst the diverse components of a human1 culture, and harmony between diverse cultures.

The theme of "harmony" is intended as a refinement of popular concepts of "unity"2 and "oneness" by honoring elements of diversity, -- which enhance each other, -- without the sacrifice of converging into their common subset, -- or aggregating into a new unity.

As a living experience, Cultures of Harmony are evident in families, neighborhoods, liberal arts colleges, intentional communities, team sports, and of course musical groups, where mutual commitment to both diversity and harmony is natural and common.

We urge interfaith groups and larger social, political, and religious institutions to create harmony among their constituents and with each other, embracing the diversity upon which it depends.

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1 The intent is to INclude, not EXclude non-human components of the earth system.
2 The problem with pursuing unity is that it actually creates a duality with those who don't join the unity.